• Adam did a fantastic job. He is quick and works really hard to complete the job within the deadline set. Will definitely hire him again.

    Vijay Laxman


This project was a newly extended part of the house, therefore a lot of preparation was required to achieve quality results. Apart from standard preparations for painting we also had to prepare the staircase’s bare timber.

We managed this by applying shellac knotting on the new timber, after which we were ready to start main work. Firstly, we have painted all ceilings , by applying 2 coats of Dulux white contract matt. Next up we dealt with walls using thinned down a coat of contract matt then applying 2 coats of Dulux natural hessian vinyl silk.

For wood, we have used 1 coat of acrylic primer undercoat, coat of undercoat and 1 coat of Dulux white high gloss finish. The last job was to paint the front door by applying a coat of Zinzer bin primer, 1 coat of dark grey undercoat and 1 coat of Dulux black high gloss.


Project Type: Domestic
Work Completed: Painting
Customer Area: Leicester
Completion Date: 13 Septemer 2016
Project Duration: 3350 Square Feet
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